2018 Award Nominations: Best Music Video

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Welcome to the 2018 Musicalypse Awards nominations! Music videos are a fickle beast. It’s easy to be generic or terrible, so achieving excellence requires some real skill. As the years go on, some bands are getting more creative though, so here are our picks for the Best Music Videos of 2019:


1. Blind Channel – “Over My Dead Body”
I don’t watch a lot of music videos, but Blind Channel is on a fast uprise, and the production value of their music videos keeps soaring. Their latest release, “Over My Dead Body,” is a good example of this, even if you compare it to a few years ago with songs like “Darker than Black.” It’s nice to see these talented young guys getting more support.

2. Arion – “Unforgivable”
A lot of music videos these days are too cheesy or overdone, with flaming backgrounds and a story that has nothing to do with the lyrics or album or… well, anything really. I like a well-made simple music video of a band rocking out, and the new music video for Arion‘s “Unforgivable” is just that. Not too much, not too little, but just enough to be what it needs to be.

3. The Night Flight Orchestra – “Lovers in the Rain”
The Night Flight Orchestra has had a lot of weird, psychedelic music videos and “Lovers in the Rain” is one of them. I like the concept of the band in a comic book, and they’ve also combined lyric videos and an actual music video into a concept that works really well.

1. Riverside – “Lament”
Riverside made a video for “Lament” that really matches the barren yet beautiful atmosphere of the song. Besides, aren’t those black cloaks just damn cool?

2. Steven Wilson – “People Who Eat Darkness”
Steven Wilson’s music and director Jess Cope’s videos are a winning combination, and “People Who Eat Darkness” continues this trend, although this time the song happens to be a rocker instead of a tearjerker. I found it a little hard to concentrate on the plot while this was shown on the screen at the Helsinki concert, so I’m happy it was finally released online on Halloween – what an appropriate time to put out such a twisted and dark video!

3. The Night Flight Orchestra – “Lovers in the Rain”
Like Bear, I enjoy the comic book presentation of this NFO video and the way the lyrics have been incorporated into it. What can I say, I’m a sucker for well-done animated videos!

1. Behemoth – “Bartzabel”
Dark eerie landscapes, low light, distorted and grainy images coupled with anti-religious sentiments, blood, sex, and an emphasis on pre-Christian traditions. It’s gorgeous in its bleakness. The video perfectly encapsulates the song – simple but effective. Now if only I could find an uncensored version of this. YouTube seems fine with blood and human sacrifice but nipples (things everyone has) are just too taboo.

2. Ghost – “Dance Macabre”
It was a toss up between Ghost‘s “Dance Macabre” and “Rats.” Even though I liked the look and color-scheme of “Rats,” I did find “Dance Macabre” had just a bit more story. The opening skit has a schlock horror aesthetic with just a dash of Rocky Horror Picture Show-esque camp. Just when you think it’s going to be just another Gothic party it devolves into pure insanity, when an aerobic dance troupe enters. It’s just too much fun! Even Satan himself shows up.

3. Oceans of Slumber – “The Decay of Disregard”
“The Decay of Disregard” by Oceans of Slumber just barely didn’t make the cut for a mention in the Best New Song category. The music video reflects it perfectly: it’s somber but eclectic. At times it gets obnoxiously flashy and overly edited, while other times the band just kind of awkwardly stands there. However, I’ll watch singer, Cammie Gilbert mug at the camera for 9 minutes, any day. It’s also endearing how it makes full use of every cent of its budget (presumably whatever it costs to rent a smoke machine for a night).

Honorable mentions: (these two weren’t metal but I had to keep these descriptions)
The Neighbourhood – “Scary Love”. Take an indie synth pop band, add one pinch of Blade Runner, and cast legendary actor/director Tommy Wiseau. What you’ll get is “Scary Love” by The Neighbourhood. Wiseau’s, let’s say, unique presence is always a wonder to behold. He’s actually kind of badass at first as just a rugged techno-vampire hunter (or something) in a cyberpunk, retro-futuristic diner. Then they crank up the crazy and let him speak, pure genius.

Ariana Grande – “God is a Woman” Obviously Ariana Grande isn’t my genre but the video is the funniest thing I’ve seen all year. This is just too elaborate. Every 5 seconds the imagery turns into something new. It has everything from cathedrals to screaming groundhogs. As far as I can tell, most of the shots have overt references to vaginas. I seriously can’t tell whether the whole video is a joke or a Georgia O Keeffe fever dream.

1. Bloodred Hourglass – “Sixfeet Saviour”
Not only has this Bloodred Hourglass video won a lot of prizes for best music video, but I think this definitely is one of the best Finnish music videos that has recently been released. The video is very grim, very well connected to the theme, and the story progresses beautifully. The band footage intertwines with the storyline really well and doesn’t take too much attention away from the story.

2. Suotana – “Into the Ice”
The music video of Suotana‘s “Into the Ice” is a really nice visual representation of what the song feels like. First of all, with a title like that and orchestrations that almost feels frosty, it would be a big mistake to not have the music video set in winter. The music video has a great story, good flow, and has very consistent colors; moreover, it shows the beauty of Finnish nature.

3. The Night Flight Orchestra – “Lovers in the Rain”
It was hard for me to pick one of NFO’s music videos. I like all of them, especially because all of them are heavily influenced by 80s aesthetics and what’s not to like about a bit of nostalgia? I often have a tough time liking animated videos, but integrating the band as main characters of the comic book -fueled music video was a smart choice that kept me engaged throughout the whole video.