2018 Award Nominations: Best Party Song

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Welcome to the 2018 Musicalyse Awards nominations! While it’s important to find the songs with the best vocals, the best instrumental work, and the most moving emotional draws, sometimes you just want to hear a song that’s good for a party and is going to pump you up. So here are our picks for the most energizing songs, or at least the most fun songs of 2018:

The new songs have been added to our playlist, so check them out here:

1. Nekrogoblikon – “The Magic Spider”
2. The Night Flight Orchestra – “Paralyzed”
3. Fear of Domination – “Sick and Beautiful”

There is only one truly glorious and hilarious party song of 2018, and that is “The Magic Spider” by the completely-unknown-to-me Nekrogoblikon. Hilarious band name, by the way. There’s some childlike innocent fantasy in that song that has been missing from my life, backed up by the delightfully fun piano parts. The song is just so goofy and upbeat, I just can’t help but grin whenever I listen to it.

However, I would be remiss not to include “Paralyzed” by the Night Flight Orchestra. That song just has the best groove and it’s hard not to want to dance around when you hear it. Truly, it was one of the most fun songs to be released this year.

It was hard to really pick between songs from FoD‘s Metanoia, but “Sick and Beautiful” does stand out as one of the best tracks from that album for having a great time. I’d have actually voted for the whole album, save the fact that “Shame” and “Ruin” are a bit more serious. The rest of the album is a heavy metal dance party though and definitely deserves a place on this list.

Honorable mention: Shiraz Lane – “Harder to Breathe”, Ayreon Universe – “Intergalactic Space Crusaders”

1. The Night Flight Orchestra – “Paralyzed”
2. Ghost – “Dance Macabre”

To be honest, any NFO song could be here, and their whole Helsinki gig was a party in itself, but I chose “Paralyzed” because of its groove, and because I’ve started mishearing the line “Like your skin beneath my fingers” in a juvenile yet funny way, which makes it even harder not to have a grin on your face while listening to the song.

My other pick is Ghost‘s shameless disco song “Dance Macabre”, which makes you want to dance like it’s 1347 and your last day before catching the plague.

1. Fear of Domination – “Face of Pain”
2. Septicflesh – “Portrait of a Headless Man”
3. Nothgard – “Malady X”

As far as I’m concerned, Fear of Domination do all the things Turmion Kätilöt is supposed to do but infinitely better. They have all the same industrial, party elements, but are grounded in solid melodic death metal riffage. Though, I didn’t like the new album, Metanoia, as much as I did, say the first two, it still had a few good party vibes in it. “Face of Pain” is every bit as catchy as “Pandemonium” and as powerful as “Needle.”

Just this November, Septicflesh suddenly came out of the blue with their masterpiece, Codex Omega. Every bit of “Portrait of a Headless Man” is as epic as Dimmu Borgir’s latest release and the sharp synth sound gives it a party feel. It doesn’t quite make for a proper dance track with its tempo changes and its quiet intro and outro but it still clocks in at a radio friendly 5:01 minutes.

Nothgard is a fairly middle-of-the-road melodic death metal group from Germany. The title track to their new album, Malady X, found its way onto one of my workout playlists for its basic structure and memorable lead melody. I almost feel silly calling it melodic death metal since the only way in which it’s not a power metal anthem is the, admittedly inoffensive, growling vocals.

Honorable mention: Carpenter Brut – “Cheerleader Effect” ft. Kristoffer Rygg

1. The Night Flight Orchestra – “This Time”
2. Epica vs. Metropole Orkest – “Beyond The Matrix – The Battle”
3. Beast In Black – “Sweet True Lies”

While the others have voted for “Paralyzed” by the Night Flight Orchestra, I’m gonna go for the song that made me fell in love with the new album: “This Time.” But as has been mentioned before, any song could have been picked.

Perhaps this seems a bit of a weird choice, but my second choice is Epica vs. Metropole Orkest with an epic fusion battle of their song “Beyond The Matrix.” Considering I like swing music, and jazz fusion, it’s no surprise that this song is a party song to me.

My last pick is a song that only has been released a couple of weeks ago, but shouldn’t be forgotten or left out: Beast in Black‘s “Sweet True Lies” surprised us with its cheesy 80s AoR feeling. I love it. Kinda bummed out that our staff was not invited to the party at The Circus.