2019 Award Nominations: Best Lyric Video [NEW!] ft. A&P Reacts

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Welcome to the 2019 Musicalypse Award Nominations! It is our second year after having changed our Award system over to the staff vote, and to shake things up, this year we’ve invited A&P Reacts to join us in the nominating and voting for the best of 2019. We have one new category this year to separate music videos from their new counterpart, lyric videos. These are our first-ever picks for the Best Lyric Video of 2019!

We’ve put each lyric video in a playlist on our YouTube account, which you follow over here:

1. CyHra – “Battle from Within”
2. Ember Falls – “Divine”
3. Ember Falls – “Heart Shaped Black Scar”

I’ve already talked about this in our featured single, but CyHra‘s new lyric video for the tragic-yet-hopeful song about suicide/depression, “Battle from Within,” is both very creative and rather heartwarming/tear-jerking. It’s an inspiring video that encourages people to seek help for mental health issues and uses fan-contributed material to tell its tale.

The next obvious pick is the gorgeous lyric video by Ember Falls for their most recent single, “Divine.” Made by their vocalist, Thomas Grove, it features beautiful colors in bit-inspired artwork to a fantastic song, with classic computer screen font working perfectly for the lyrics. It’s a perfect step into their dystopian world and left me wanting more.

It may seem lame to vote for the same band twice in a row, but I’d like to reiterate just how fantastic a job Thomas Grove of Ember Falls does of designing these videos. “Divine” was great, and so is “Heart Shaped Black Scar.” The colors, patterns, and backdrop all help to both drive home the message from the song and entice the listener to create a backdrop of the Ember Falls dystopian world. It’s great work, it can’t be denied.

Honorary mention(s): Everfrost – “Winterider”

1. Ember Falls – “Divine”
2. Insomnium – “Pale Morning Star”
3. Fear of Domination – “Dead Weight”

Ember Falls“Divine” is such a ride – easily one of, if not the absolute best lyric video I’ve ever seen. The video game and the Blade Runner aesthetic, the quality of production, style and pace of lyrics appearing on screen, more or less everything, make this better than most “actual” music videos. A real joy to watch and listen.

With a completely different approach comes Insomnium‘s “Pale Morning Star,” a breathtaking love letter to Nordic nature, arching from summer to winter and back to spring. Utterly gorgeous, without stealing attention from the lyrics.

There’s been more lyric videos lately that feature (some) members of the band in question in some way, but it’s a concept that doesn’t work well with every band, especially when the readability of lyrics needs to be considered too. Luckily, Fear of Domination is one of those that easily nails it in “Dead Weight,” with their two fierce and wildly expressive singers. Although the style is minimalistic, it’s still captivating.

1. Ember Falls – “Heart Shaped Black Scar”
2. Everfrost – “Winterider”
3. Wind Rose – “Wintersaga”

Ember Falls‘ lyric video for their first new single this year stood out as being artistically gorgeous, with the color scheme, backgrounds, and incredible fonts for the lyrics themselves. A lot of work seemed to have gone into “Heart Shaped Black Scar” and it shows.

Everfrost‘s lyric video for the title track of the album makes use of the manga style of their album, as well as the literal manga from the booklet, by using the manga characters and speech bubbles to create a fun and creative lyric video that fits nicely with their style.

Lastly there is “Wintersaga” by Wind Rose. The nice snowy scenery accompanied by snowfall fits well with the story of the epic quest and the shaky camera adds action to the overall feel. It seems pretty in keeping with the idea of questing dwarves.

1. Ember Falls – “Heart Shaped Black Scar”

… [a single video is reflected in the mirror]

A&P Reacts:
1. Delain – “One Second”
Incorporating live footage with a lyric video is a winning formula. This video sets the bar as far as lyric videos are concerned.

2. Mayhem – “Of Worms and Ruins”
The first single to be released by Mayhem and a chilling and well put together lyric video. The video is as dark as the lyrics running on the screen.

3. Cellar Darling – “Pain”
The absolute beauty of this lyric video makes you forget that is indeed a lyric video. A masterpiece of art and sound.