2019 Award Nominations: Best Party Song ft. A&P Reacts

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Welcome to the 2019 Musicalypse Award Nominations! It is our second year after having changed our Award system over to the staff vote, and to shake things up, this year we’ve invited A&P Reacts to join us in the nominating and voting for the best of 2019. Every year there’s a song that gets added to your party playlist or good feelings mix. These aren’t necessarily the best or most original songs of all time, but they’re catchy as hell and make you want to pump your fist or dance like crazy. Check out our picks for Best Party Song of 2019!

This year our nominations will be in their own separate playlists! You can follow them on Spotify:

1. Wind Rose – “Diggy Diggy Hole”
2. Everfrost – “Brandy and Antifreeze”
3. Everfrost – “Actraiser”

I feel like each year someone introduces me to a really weird song that is probably sort of idiotic but I kind of love. Last year it was “Magic Spider” by Nekrogoblikon, and this year it’s “Diggy Diggy Hole” by Wind Rose. It seems dwarf metal is a genre now, somehow unsurprisingly, and this song about, you guessed it, digging holes, is about as annoyingly catchy, upbeat, and fun as songs get. Oh, and good luck getting it out of your head one day.

“Brandy and Antifreeze” by Everfrost is less a drinking song and more a song about drinking, which is fun because it can be seen from a few different angles. However, the Turmion Kätilöt influence in the electronic sounds coupled with the carefree “live while you’re young” lyrics make this song into an eternal feel-good anthem to seize the day and enjoy some great music while you’re at it.

I searched high and low for a third song to nominate for this category from so, so, so many contenders (see my honorary mentions below to get a hint of what I mean), largely so that I wouldn’t vote for the same band, Everfrost, twice. But… “Actraiser” is just so good. If I heard it live I’d want to dance and pound my fist. If I’m at home I want to dance around my living room. If I’m bummed out, it cheers me up. This song rules!

Honorary mention(s): “Moonglow” & “Lavender” by Avantasia; “From Hell with Love” by Beast in Black; “Heart Shaped Black Scar” and “Divine” by Ember Falls; “Vapauden kuolemarssi” by Marko Hietala; “Drive it Like You Stole It” by Smackbound; “Bacchanalia” by Metal de Facto; “Fields of Verdun” by Sabaton

1. Tenacious D – “Don’t Blow it Kage”
2. VLTIMAS – “Something Wicked Marches In”
3. Ghost – “Kiss the Go-Goat”

I don’t really know if Tenacious D can even be considered a real band. What they do, however, is obviously fun. “Don’t Blow it Kage” is the ultimate song to play at a party. It has an easy to follow, engaging, story and an exciting atmosphere. You put this on at a party and everyone will love it – I guarantee it.

A good party jam needs an infectious rhythm, like a march. “Something Wicked Marches In” by VLTIMAS not only has that but also a bass drop-moment right in its chorus. It’s heavy, it’s memorable, and you can dance to it. All that without straying too far from the classic death metal sound.

Ghost were pretty much a given for this list. “Kiss the Go-Goat” sounds oldschool and analog. The lyrics have a goofy ring to them. Occultism turned sexy and funny. Really, the whole sex appeal thing is pure pandering – basically the metal version of Justin Timberlake. But it’s a rocking, good time if you don’t take it too seriously.

1. Wind Rose – “Diggy Diggy Hole”
2. Metal de Facto – “Bacchanalia”

One of my friends refuses to listen to songs like “Diggy Diggy Hole” anymore, which I am quite sure matches his inability to have fun. This single by Wind Rose is so stupid that it’s wonderful and you can only embrace the nonsense that is dwarf metal with joy and happiness in your heart.

“Bacchanalia” has an awesome party feeling with a historical twist, as Metal de Facto reminds the listener that parties have always been a part of society. This song captures the essence of good times being had from all the way back when the Romans were in charge.

BABYMETAL seems to be making a fool of all the big tough guys and shake things up. They’re a big “fuck you” to all of the metal snobbery, and the more they collaborate with people like Joakim Brodén [Sabaton] like in “Oh! MAJINAI,” the more they help the scene stop taking themselves so seriously.

1. Beast in Black – “From Hell with Love”
2. Metal de Facto – “Bacchanalia”
3. Avantasia – “Maniac” [Flashdance cover]

[ed: Laureline was pressed for time and excused from the text part of the nominations]

Ember Falls, Nosturi 2019

1. Smackbound – “Wall of Silence”
2. Blind Channel ft. GG6 – “Snake”
3. Ember Falls – “Divine”

… [the songs echo across the mountaintops]

A&P Reacts:
1. Majestica – “Above the Sky”
Perhaps not a typical party song, but for sure a song that will bring life to any party with incredible melodies and interesting lyrics.

2. Metal de Facto – “Bacchanalia”
This song is the definition of party. Everything from music to lyrics, including the atmosphere of the track, scream party. One of the most fun-driven songs of 2019.