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About us is a photo-project started by two music and photography addicts: Jana Blomqvist from Finland and Cornelia Wickel from Germany. Cornelia came up with the name in 2007, together with Jana she started working things out and in early 2008 the project slowly started to assume a definite form. Since they had both been shooting concerts for quite a few years now and the pictures were piling up, they decided that they'd need some place, where they could publish pictures under their own conditions without any restrictions from magazines and such. That's how was born , well basically. ;-)

Some of you might already know their works from Deviantart or from various magazines/bands they have already worked and are still working with. Apart from the pics you might already know from there, expect some yet unpublished stuff. Furthermore they surely have some more ideas on their minds, time may tell...

They always try to capture some precious moments with their pictures - the energy, emotions, feelings of a live gig. Making it possible to "see" the music in this way. Receiving comments like "I can feel what this gig must've been like, when having a look at this pic!" are surely some of the best comments you can get as a concert photographer - they show, that you've captured the band in the right way. The chase for the right moment, despite those sometimes really unpleasing and rough conditions, like difficult lights, fog and all that, make this kind of photography so interesting and challenging. There's always room left for improvement! No matter what the circumstances might've been like, the pictures compensate for everything lateron, reactions from people even more.

FAQ/Equipment can be found here !

Our Staff

Cornelia Wickel - webmistress, photographer, co-founder (D)
Jana Blomqvist - photographer, co-founder (FI)
Tanja Caciur - writer (FI)
Victoria Maksimovich - writer (FI)
Albert Buchatskyy - photographer, design (D)
Cynthia Veekens - photographer (NL)
Linda Nur Chbib - writer (NO)
Jo Schüftan - writer (hornsuprocks - partner NYC) (USA)

Guest writer/photographers

Ane Orue-Etxebarria - photographer (FI)
Carlos Llerena - translator Spanish (BR)
Henri Lassander - photographer (FI)
Pauliina Dahlström - translator Finnish (FI)
Xeniya Balsara - photographer(FI)

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