BLIND CHANNEL: Behind the Scenes at the Revolutions CD Release Show @ Virgin Oil Co., Helsinki, 01.10.2016

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Okay, maybe it’s time for Musicalypse to take a break from covering Blind Channel shows… but come on, what fun would that be? This young band from Oulu is off to a hot start and we’re really curious to follow them and see what happens in the future! Their long-awaited debut album, Revolutions, is finally out and they celebrated with a gig at Virgin Oil Co. in Helsinki on October 1st, 2016, and we’re pretty sure this is the start of something great. As such, we headed over to VOC right as the guys were arriving to have a look at the full adventure – arrival, setting up, sound check, and of course, what goes on backstage before a gig!

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The band arrived at Virgin Oil shortly before 17:00 and immediately began unpacking. There was a ton to do to get ready, especially since their management had put everything they had into this show to make it great. There were new banner stands to assemble for the first time, a backdrop to hang, fog cannons to set up, LED lights to attach to the drum stand, and of course, the instruments to get ready. It was over an hour before the guys were done getting everything put together.

2016-10-01-blind-channel-backstage-voc-sound-check-10As the band was getting everything ready, Ember Falls and Rust N’ Rage began to slowly trickle into the venue as well to unload their own gear. Once Blind Channel’s stage was prepped, it was time to get the instruments ready to go. Starting, as always, with Tommi Lalli on drums, through Olli Matela on bass, Joonas Porko on guitar, Joel Hokka‘s guitars and vocals, and of course, Niko Moilanen on vocals as well, they one-by-one tested everything out, and then did a couple play-throughs of “My Revolution” and a few others to try and get the sound in good balance. I’m not sure who their sound tech was, but I will commend him on doing a decent job – Virgin Oil’s roundish shape makes for weird echoes and the sound quality is often very poor there, but in spite of this, the music was more or less in decent shape by the end of the sound check – nice work!

When they were done, the other opening bands started up their own sound checks and the BC guys ordered their dinner. It was only 19:00 or 20:00 by this point, so now it was just a matter of having some food and killing some time before the show got underway. The doors opened and there was a slow trickle of patrons into the bar, so after dinner, the back headed backstage to start getting prepared for the show.

While mom and dad might worry that the backstage of a concert is a land of drugs and debauchery (hide your daughters!), it seems as though many musicians these days, Blind Channel and Ember Falls among them, are more interested in putting on a good show than getting pissed drunk and fooling around with strangers. Most of what we saw was casual conversation, with a little bit of goofing off – of course, what’s a gig without some fun?

That said, a picture is worth a thousand words, so to truly give you an idea of what went on on the night of the Revolutions album release gig, it is best to just let you see for yourselves! Here are our backstage photos from Virgin Oil Co.!

Photos: Jana Blomqvist