DARK HELSINKI – Who is In Strict Confidence?

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Earlier this year, Dark Helsinki planned to host a gig by Germany’s In Strict Confidence at Gloria in Helsinki. Unfortunately, due to illness, the show had to be postponed for several months. Rescheduled for September 23rd again Gloria, with Forgotten Sunrise and Kuroshio confirmed again as openers, its getting closer to the date! Hopefully this time, the show will go on no matter what, and if you want some more information on the bands, here is our mini-interview with In Strict Confidence about the upcoming show:

(You can read the same mini-interview from Forgotten Sunrise HERE and Kuroshio HERE).


1. First off, tell us a bit about yourselves?
We’re some naïve guys from Germany, doing music without knowing any notes, but love composing electronic sounds.

2. For anyone who hasn’t heard your music before, can tell us a little bit about your sound?
Music should not be talked about, should be listened to. Those who don’t know us, give it a try om the internet. If you like what you hear, come to the show and listen to some more – if you don’t like it, let’s still come anyway and have a drink with us.

3. Have you ever played in Finland before? If so, what’s your best/worst memory there? If not, is there anything you’re interested in or excited about in playing there?
Exactly 10 years ago we played our one and only show yet in Finland: Tampere. We still have a nice memories, when we think of it. Ok, it was very cold – but the nights were bright.

4. What do you think is going to be the highlight of the upcoming show?
The aftershow party? 😀

5. Do you have any last words for potential viewers about the upcoming shows?
Glad that after such a long time we can visit Finland again. Hope you will like this special setlist of our vintage-show. Remember, only songs older than 10 years will be performed. Acoustic time-traveling…


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