DARK HELSINKI – Who is Kuroshio?

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Dark Helsinki‘s upcoming Goth-oriented show is drawing nearer and nearer! If you want to get to know the bands before the event itself, you should read on to learn a bit about Kuroshio!

[ed: this show was postponed to 23.09.2017 due to illness]


1. First off, tell us a bit about yourselves?
On 09.09.09 Kuroshio was founded by aQi as a continuum to the Kuroshio Current, a band which was buried alive on October 2008. At the moment, we are working on a new album (our second full album) which we aim to get completed and out in the beginning of the year 2017. Kuroshio is aQi [compositions, voice, programming, production], K-109 [live synthesis] and E-110 [live synthesis].

2. For anyone who hasn’t heard your music before, can you tell us a little bit about your sound?
Our style of music could be described as a combination of dark psy and trance meeting electro industrial, not forgetting the oldschool techno influences. But you could describe us to be EBM 😉

3. Have you ever played in Finland before? If so, what’s your best/worst memory there? If not, is there anything you’re interested in or excited about in playing there?
Well yes, we are actually from Hellsinki, as we like to put it, so we’ve been here around for a while and played a lot of gigs since 1998. Best memory playing in Finland, well, I think the Syn/\psi club burial gig this year was the one that really was unforgettable since there had never been such an audience, even singing along with the songs. Worst memory, umm, I think it was year 2002 when we went to Jyväskylä to an event and we had to play our gig without stage monitors, yeah, that was the worst, but we succeeded to pull the gig through.

4. What do you think is going to be the highlight of the upcoming show?
We are planning to play a completely new set at the event and to do our best to give the audience a good show.

5. Do you have any last words for potential viewers about the upcoming shows?
Keizoku wa chikara nari – Continuance is strength


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