DARK HELSINKI – Who is Ten After Dawn?

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Dark Helsinki has a new event coming up this spring at Helsinki’s Gloria! On April 1st (no jokes), local band Ten After Dawn will open the stage for Covenant (Sweden). To help get you in the mood, here’s a bit of background information on Ten After Dawn from Teemu Salo.


1. First off, tell us a bit about yourselves?
We are an electro/dark-pop band from Finland with a hint of organic elements added to the mix. We have released just few singles to this date but actually the day before this Gloria show, the 31st of March, is the release date of our new “Melody” single and video! Later on the 23th of April the EP should come out. Hopefully there will be a lot of new live dates too!

2. For anyone who hasn’t heard your music before, can tell us a little bit about your sound?
Our sound is a mix of electronic beats mixed to melodic vocals and melody lines with a hint of the organic world too. Dark and melodic synth pop with an edge of industrial rock harshness.

3. Have you ever played in Finland before? If so, what’s your best/worst memory there? If not, is there anything you’re interested in or excited about in playing there?
We have played in Finland many times before as we are local. I think our worst memory is related to one gig back then when we had our first live drummer, Lauri, and we were just in the very beginning. We were in the slightly wrong place, as people were expecting something different, because it was a pure EBM party and we were something different. We were more industrial rock back then. So anyway, the gig started and one friend of ours came to the stage to take photos in the beginning of the second song. It was otherwise good, but he managed to stumble in a way that he hit himself on our then-live keyboard player Tommi’s Macbook stand, so the laptop just kept on flying and finally landed in the middle of the dance floor… we just watched it flying like in a slow motion film! Surprisingly, the computer was okay, but it kinda nailed that gig. We continued ’til the end after that, but it was a very… difficult gig. No hard feelings buddy, anything can happen!

One of the best gigs we played here might be the one last October when we were opening for a German electro act, Solar Fake, at On the Rocks here in Helsinki. There were also many of their fans from abroad too, and it was nice to notice that they seemed to like us too.

4. What do you think is going to be the highlight of the upcoming show?
The highlight of the forthcoming gig? It can be the moment when you get off from the stage after a great show with your endorphins, or some particular moment during the set. Hopefully you will enjoy [the show] and have a good time!

5. Do you have any last words for potential viewers about the upcoming shows?
Hopefully you will come early to see our set too! If you’re a full electro-head or you might come from the world of more organic soundscapes, we might have something slightly different for you anyway! See you there and let’s have a party!


Check out the song “Red Carpet Fever” here:

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