EDGE:NORDIC FESTIVAL – Who is We Butter the Bread with Butter (WBTBWB)?

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Edge Nordic festival is coming up this September and we wanted to introduce you to a few of the bands that will be playing in Helsinki and/or Bergen! Next up is We Butter the Bread with Butter from Germany!


1. First off, tell us a bit about yourselves?
We are We Butter the Bread with Butter: Germany’s most modern metalcore band since Tokio Hotel. Deep lyrics meet funny metal riffs compared with a serious stage design, performed by four dudes straight outta Berlin. Everything everyone has ever waited for.

2. For anyone who hasn’t heard your music before, can tell us a little bit about your sound?
Our sound is something between ABBA and Rammstein. German journalists insinuate that we are playing famous nursery rhymes, but if you ask me, I’ve never heard of any nursery rhymes called „Exorzist“ or „Zombiebitch“. But of course we aren’t that serious. Modern metalcore is all about fun. If we could change the world with our music someday, we definitely would!

3. Have you ever played in Finland before? If so, what’s your best/worst memory there? If not, is there anything you’re interested in or excited about in playing there?
Yes, we played Tuska Festival and been there on tour with Caliban. We’re glad to come back!

Our worst experience was that the door of our nightliner froze and we couldn’t close it so we had to drive with an opened door through the night and everyone got sick for the rest of the tour. On the other hand, we had great shows in Finland with a powerful crowd and amazing atmosphere. Awesome landscape and courteous people.

We love to visit other countries and learn about them. Maybe Finland could be some kind of role model for other countries. Except beer prices!

4. How familiar are you with the other bands at Edge Nordic? Will you be seeing any bands you’ve never seen before, and if so, who are you most excited to see?
We are good friends with Eskimo Callboy and played many shows with them. Khroma have been very often to Germany and we’re glad to meet them again. Some of the other bands are known by name but we’re always excited to see new bands in other countries. Especially where metal is accepted by most of the people (and reindeer ;-p)

5. What do you think of this style of festival, with two locations in two countries?
We have never played the same festival in two different countries but it sounds like fun. If it is the same like „Rock am Ring“ and „Rock im Park“ in Germany, it will be a lot of fun for all of us. Crowd, crew, and bands!

6. Do you have any words for potential viewers about the upcoming shows?
Prepare yourself for fun and some great breakdowns. Our singer won’t shave until the show, so maybe you’ll see only some flying hair on stage.

We’re ready when you are! Perkele 🙂


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