In the Studio: Frosttide, part 1

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In case you haven’t gotten the news, Frosttide underwent a line-up change toward the end of 2016. As such, it’s time to look to the future, and Frosttide is continuing their journey now, having already spent some time in the studio working on their next album as a trio. First off, we wanted to check what the situation is with the band, as they now lack a bassist.

“Juho [Patinen, guitar/vocals] will take care of the bass for this album. Frosttide is a unit where everybody’s contribution is needed. For the moment, we will remain as a three-piece band and future shows will be carried out with help from session musicians. Eventually we will take new members to the band but we will take our time to make sure these are the right musicians. The last live guitars were played by our friends Markus Hirvonen [Noumena & Avenie] and bass by Matti Auerkallio [Manzana, Soulfallen, Ultimatium, Avenie]. We are very thankful to them for helping us with the last two shows without any hesitation.”

While in the past, the distance between cities didn’t cause too much trouble during the songwriting and recording process, Felipe’s [Muñoz, keyboards] recent temporary move to Jyväskylä has simplified the process.

“Felipe moved to Jyväskylä last December [2016] until the end of March to work in the new album. At the moment, everything is very easy as we are recording everything on our own and we are living in the same city. The recording process is going great! There is good chemistry within the band and we are very happy how the new material is progressing.

When recording Blood Oath, the entire band was present when recording drums and vocals. Bass and guitars were recorded at Juho’s home studio in Jyväskylä, and Felipe recorded most of the keyboards/orchestration tracks at home in Tampere. Still, he had to visit Jyväskylä several times to record the final orchestrations with Juho. The schedule was very hectic so it was definitely energy-consuming. For this chapter, everything is easier when compared to the previous recordings.”

When it comes to the writing itself, we were curious as to how far along the band is at this point. As well, it’s clear that the band writes very collaboratively, but we were interested to hear if there’s any concept at this point.

“Before going into recording mode, the album concept is set and most of the songs are written. Still, we are very open to make changes on the go. We like to try new ideas as long it respects the vision of the song. For example, the drums came to be quite different from what on the demo tracks were like. And these new drum parts also led us to make some changes in the arrangements for the other instruments. It will be the same for the guitars and keyboards. It is very exciting to see how these songs evolve from the demos into their final form!”

That concludes our first discussion about the upcoming Frosttide album. Stay tuned for more!