LOST SOCIETY: No Absolution Album Release Stream – Kaapelitehdas, Helsinki, 21.05.2020

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Among the many bands who have postponed shows and album release events, Lost Society was one of the groups we were saddest to miss out on. Fortunately, Grey Beard Management announced a few upcoming streams via SemiLive, one of which was an album release event for Lost Society. We eagerly tuned in on May 21st, 2020, to hear what the new material would sound like live.

Listen to their new album, No Absolution, on Spotify:

The event begins with MC Laura Vähähyyppä talking about the streams and the band’s new release, No Absolution, before assuring viewers that a comfortable spot on the couch would not be necessary and introduced Lost Society.

The stream opened with the band instantly performing one of the first singles from the new album, “Nonbeliever.” The stream was immediately gorgeous with incredible dramatic lights, classy use of wind machines, and fantastic camerawork. The sound was smooth and allowed for live nuances to come through. The quality was so fine, in fact, it really felt like watching a live show or even a DVD from a huge festival or concert. The band certainly found a way to suck the energy out of the universe and pour it out in front of the cameras.

Guitarist/vocalist Samy Elbanna‘s huge grins were easy to see thanks to all of the close-up shots. He enthusiastically greeted the crowd in the “magical online world” before announcing “Deliver Me,” which maintains its Megadeth/A7x-like groove, even live, though Elbanna’s vocals were less polished and more gritty, adding extra edge/grit to the track. They played No Absolution in full, though certainly not in album order, and Elbanna and fellow guitarist Arttu Lesonen graced us with some solos leading into “I Am the Antidote.”

New drummer Taz Fagerström [ex-Santa Cruz] was introduced before “Pray for Death” and spent the night proving that he would have no trouble committing the energy and skill needed to be in Lost Society. Elbanna also gave a huge shout-out to the crew and everyone working behind the scenes to make the stream happen, thanking them for their hard work.

“Into Eternity” remains one of (if not) the band’s coolest melodic tracks to date and while obviously Apocalyptica couldn’t be there to play live cello, the backing tracks still sounded beautiful and the song is even more powerful and moving when you see Elbanna really putting his all into it. The band played only one older song, “Riot” from 2016’s Braindead, which was a nice treat, before they ended the stream with another one of the album’s singles, title track “No Absolution.” It was a hot ending to a lit-up show.

There truly is no rest for the sickest, however, as Elbanna joined the host for a short Q&A. Big props to Vähähyyppä who didn’t just ask just any questions from the chat stream, but picked out some of the most interesting questions. Elbanna was still clearly high on the performance, answering excitedly, as though there was a crowd right before his eyes. The band were very grateful for the opportunity to do the show, clearly elated after the performance rush.


The quality of streams is on a fast rise right now and this recent stream by Lost Society is topping the charts for quality right now. If I could think of something to criticize about this stream, I’d say so, but everything was just so well done that nothing comes to mind. Top-notch work, everyone! If Lost Society will be touring in your neighborhood once the world reopens, you won’t want to miss these shows.

1. Nonbeliever
2. My Prophecy
3. Deliver Me
4. Blood on Your Hands
guitar solos
5. I Am the Antidote
6. Mark Upon Your Skin
7. Pray for Death
8. Artificial
9. Worthless
10. Outbreak (No Rest for the Sickest)
11. Into Eternity
12. Riot
13. No Absolution