Musicalypse 2019 Awards

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Welcome to the 2019 Musicalypse Awards!

We hope you’ve been following along with us during the last few weeks of nominations! 2019 turned out to be a pretty good year musically, with several classics dropping total crap while new bands soared onto the scene. So, without further ado, here are the winners of the Musicalypse 2019 Music Awards for hard rock and heavy metal! A big thank you to A&P Reacts for participating in the nominations and voting this year!

Note: The runner(s) up are essentially the silver medalists, whoever got the second-most votes from the staff. Keep in mind that we’re a small staff so votes are few and far between – winning requires a rare victory of votes and second-place is nearly as rare (hence the frequent many-band ties in the runner-up position)!

[ed.: “Diggy Diggy Hole” was disqualified from Best Party Song because we didn’t realize it was a cover]

Best New Song

“Genesis” by Devin Townsend

Runner(s) Up: “Moonglow” by Avantasia ft. Candice Night

Best New Album

Pantheon with the Nightside Gods by Belzebubs

Runner(s) Up: Winterider by Everfrost, Heart Like a Grave by Insomnium, Veleno by Fleshgod Apocalypse, Below by Leprous

Best New Band/Discovery

Tie: Daimonic and Wheel

Runner(s) Up: Belzebubs

[ed.: going on record saying that this really should’ve been a 3-way tie]

Best Album Art 

Tie: The Spell by Cellar Darling and Seven Inches of Satanic Panic by Ghost

Runner(s) Up: “Winterider” by Everfrost and “Veleno” by Fleshgod Apocalypse

Best Music Video 

Tie: “Genesis” by Devin Townsend and “Cathedrals of Mourning” by Belzebubs

Runner(s) Up: “Deutschland” by Rammstein

Best Lyric Video

“Divine” by Ember Falls

Runner(s) Up: “Battle from Within” by CyHra, “Winterider” by Everfrost

Best Collaboration

“Moonglow” by Avantasia ft. Candice Night

Runner(s) Up: “100” by Hevisaurus

Best Party Song

“Bacchanalia” by Metal de Facto

Runner(s) Up: “Wall of Silence” by Smackbound

Best Slow Song/Ballad

“Lotus” by Soen

Runner(s) Up: “Spirits Will Collide” by Devin Townsend, “River” by Soen, “Minnets yta” by Opeth, “You and I” by Tarja, “Lost in Time” by CyHra

Most Chilling/Haunting Song 

“When a Shadow is Forced into the Light” by Swallow the Sun

Runner(s) Up: “Below” by Leprous

Most Epic Song 

“100” by Hevisaurus

Runner(s) Up: “Allting tar slut” by Opeth

Best Cover Song

“Die Young” by Everfrost, originally by Kesha

Runner(s) Up: “Godzilla” by Bear McCreary ft. Serj Tankian

Thanks for listening along with us in 2019. We hope you continue to enjoy our reports, galleries, interviews, and more, long into 2020 and beyond. From Musicalyse and A&P Reacts, we wish you all a Happy New Year!

– Musicalypse HQ