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Wave Gotik Treffen XX, Leipzig, 09 – 13.06.2011
12.06.2011 - The 3rd day

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Heidnisches Dorf - various bands


It was really nice to start the day in Heidnisches Dorf (Barbarian village), the atmosphere was relaxed and joyful, people just woke up and tried to open their eyes while having a light breakfest. They didn't do it in silence, I must say - there were 3-4 little stages and 5-6 bands played there every day, sometimes twice a day! The same place was used for the barbarian fights and fire shows which I unforunately missed... Well what can I say, WGT is a festival where you just can't catch everything going on, because you simply cannot be in 10 places at the same time. Sometimes the choice is unbelievably hard, but you learn to make it faster and easier with time, I mean on your 3rd or 4th WGT you become a kind of a quick-choice-making-expert! Be quick or die in doubts. Returning back to the Barbarian village - on that day I catched some of the bands who played there like cheery VROUDENSPIL and also THE MOON AND THE NIGHTSPIRIT and EVIAMARA, both very lyrical, athmosperic and beautiful. The happy folk melodies are changed with some serious medieval music and vice versa and I've seen some people who spent the whole day there, they dance, then just lie on the grass listening to the music and then burst into dance again with some simpler folk stuff. Needless to say it's also a paradise for the children!




I've never heard of Waves Under Water before, but a friend of mine sent me a link to their song "Still Here" on YouTube and I found it excellent, so I decided to skip some morning bands to see this one instead. This is a dark wave band from Sweden and to me their music is a fresh breath of wind for the modern dark scene. So many bands try to write their music in approximately same style, but don't get even 10% of the potential WAVES UNDER WATER have. You can't call the Angelica Segerbäck's voice strong, but it's exactly right and very sensual. Add really good melodies and some cool steam-punk aesthetics and you'll understand what this band is all about. WAVES UNDER WATER already have 2 albums and the last one - "All Of Your Light" - was released in 2011.

Halle 15 was half-way full and WAVES UNDER WATER could have enjoyed a slightly bigger crowd than any other opening band on previous days had. The guitarist Johan Svärdshammar and the keyboards player Ursula Ewrelius stood on the big platforms on stage with the stylized sea waves on them. Between them you could see a lady with a barrel organ who played the intro and I'm not really sure if it was a normal working instrument and not just a cool steam-punk accessory. After a short intro the singer Angelica Segerbäck appeared on the stage and started "Sinking Deep". All in all the set-list consisted of a lot of songs from the last album and a couple of tracks from the first release "Serpents And The Tree" and everything would be very nice if there were no technical and probably personal problems. All the musicians looked slightly scared and not confident enough and it became worse when some sound problems appeared after the second song. Johan's guitar didn't want to sound properly and it caused some terrible squeals. Well let's blame it on the equipment. Apart from that the gig was pretty impressive and I can really recommend you to buy their studio albums, because they are simply beautiful.




Centraltheater was a completely new venue for me, I've never been there before, but this time I had a good reason to come there - TROBAR DE MORTE, a spanish medieval/neofolk band I liked so much at WGT two years ago. All I remembered was an outstanding Lady Morte's voice and I was eager to hear it again. Centraltheater appeared to be a very conservative place, but the guards and employees were very friendly with such an unusual-looking crowd like gothic people even though they were abviously not used to see them here. All the performances were held in a small and refined hall with a quite huge stage probably suitable for an average choir. TROBAR DE MORTE already started when I came and I could see the whole stage set at once. It was rather a chamber performance, because all the audience sat quietly in cofortable chairs and clapped between the songs only. Lady Morte was there in the front singing brilliantly as always and sometimes playing the flute. There were also Marta who played violin and took all the solos, Fernando with an acoustic guitar, Jose Luis Frías on various wind instruments and Armand sitting at the percussion. Unfortunately I couldn't stay longer, I just heard a couple of songs, made some shots and ran to the Moritzbastei club where I hoped to catch an electro-miracle from Finland BEATI MORTUI.



Moritzbastei was always a cult place for those who love various electronical stuff, because at WGT all the interesting new or not widely known electronical bands play usually there. Unfortunately in Moritzbastei I have the same problem every year - almost no light. Sometimes you can barely see a band and of course there's absolutely no chance for the photographers. Anyway somebody told me I'd be a fool not to see BEATI MORTU on that day and you know I hate to be a fool so I moved my body to the club. As I said BEATI MORTUI is an electro/industrial band from Helsinki and it was founded back in 2005. As of today they have two albums and the last one named "Let The Funeral Begin" was released in 2010 and immediately got a lot of positive responses from the whole Europe. In 2008 they already played at WGT, so this gig was their second one in Leipzig. The audience met them with a storm of applause. The set-list consisted mainly of the songs from the actual release. The singer Maria was dressed in a long black coat, had a top hat on and had a very dark and athmospheric look. I'm afraid it was hard to fully enjoy the gig, because the stage wasn't illuminated and the drummer Sami was the only band member visible in the dark. I don't think it was a problem for the fans, but when you see the band for the very first time you probably want to actually see them. Well, no luck this time, but the music was great.




The british post-punk/new-wave heroes KILLING JOKE were one of the headliners in Agra Halle that day and that was only deserved, because the band isn't just a living and breathing legend of this scene, but also the active one - they just released a new album in 2011 named "Absolute Dissent". It was not a surprise the hall was full and the crowd was exploding of impatience, so when KILLING JOKE finally hit the stage it sounded like a bomb exploded. The guys looked fantastic and you couldn't tell they're actually quite old, because there are not so many young bands sounding and making a show like this out there. Jaz Coleman wore a camouflage coverall, he had some red and black make-up on his face and sometimes I had some sort of déjà vu, because he really looked like an Alice Cooper's clone from 80's!

The show was a real "best of" and I think everybody got what they came for, because KILLING JOKE played it all: starting from the old stuff like "Love Like Blood" or "The Wait" and finishing with the recent tracks like "This World Hell", "Ghosts of Ladbroke Grove" and "The Great Cull". I was not really a fan, but I must say the show was spectacular and I didn't hear any other opinions.




FIELDS OF NEPHILIM was the band I was really looking forward to see and hear, because I've never seen them live before and I was told a million times they were great and I must come to their WGT show. So I did. They band was formed in unbelievable 1983, then fell to pieces in 1991 and then re-started their career in 2005 to record one single album "Mourning Sun" and then just play a show or two here and there, usually at some really big festivals like M'era Luna, Tuska and yes, WGT. They're considered to be one of the biggest bands who influenced on gothic music in its every aspect and have an interesting image of the heroes from some kind of a steam-punk Western movie. Anyway the interest was huge and Agra Halle was packed for 101%. In the beginning there was a long instrumental composition "Shroud" and all the musicians were there on the stage in darkness and smoke except for the singer Carl McCoy. Then he suddently appeared in the front to start "Straight To The Light". Many people say the sound was awful and unfortunately I must agree with them, the sound was very indistinct and I could hardly hear the melody behind all the noise. I don't think the band was to blame and I hope the engineers could fix the problem till the concert's end, because I was extremely tired and just couldn't survive through one more hour. FIELDS OF NEPHILIM looked and sounded very professional and solid and I really wanted to check them out, but it looked like this was not the best moment to have such an experience. I hope I'll see them around next time.


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Review/Photos: Albert Buchatskyy

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