SINGLE OF THE DAY: “Divine” by Ember Falls

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[ed: 12.10.2019 – we jumped the gun on this one! If we had waited a few more days, we’d have had the official video. Better late than never, so enjoy this re-release of our Single of the Day, featuring the video made by the band’s very own Thomas Grove!]

The odds of having your birthday on a Friday each year aren’t incredible, so having it fall on the Friday when one of the best new bands in the country is also releasing a new single is… well, pretty awesome! Count me lucky!

We already gave a big shout-out to Ember Falls for “Heart Shaped Black Scar” a few weeks ago and we’ve known “Divine” was coming too, since we first heard it live back in April (and again at Bar Loose in August). The best part is that, while “HSBS” is an awesome track, we had considered it the inferior of the new songs, which meant they were saving the best for last.

Perhaps the coolest thing about “Divine” is how little it sounds like “HSBS,” yet is oh so clearly the same band. One of the biggest pitfalls of electronic or poppy metal is stagnation and all of the songs sounding the same (I’m looking at you, Amaranthe). These guys have a clear knack for writing incredible music with fantastic lyrics and they keep it fresh every single time. From their first album to the new singles, no two songs sound the same, yet that synth sound clearly reflects back to their first hit, “Shut Down with Me.” Truly, this is a band to watch out for. The only problem now is that, as far as we’ve understood, those are the only two songs they’ve recorded. When do we get the next album!?