SINGLE OF THE DAY: “General Mass” by Resolution 13

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Concepts and story albums are becoming more and more popular these days, especially in heavy metal, and many artists find a lot of their inspiration comes from science fiction and space. Resolution 13 is a Finnish band that explores these themes, naming themselves after a fictional prison planet of the same name. Their first album, Colossal, was released in September 2015 and its thus-far unnamed successor is nearing completion. However, a new single called “General Mass” was released today, teasing the upcoming album.

Resolution 13 is made up of Marko “Dallas” Lehtinen on drums, Nico Hartonen on vocals, Gabor Dancs on guitar, and Ilkka Tanska on bass.

“General Mass” is about a woman of the same name, an army pilot, who is a long lost friend of the story’s protagonist. The song is not meant to be a romance, but a friend calling out to a long lost pal, so to speak. While the lyric video itself might be a bit cooler without the floating head, the song itself features strong, varied vocals by Hartonen and an interesting melodic line that gives strength to the story. Not letting story overcome heavy metal itself, “General Mass” proves to be an intriguing addition to the band’s musical catalog.