SINGLE OF THE DAY: “Hopelessly Slipping Away” and “Get Out! Now!” by Ayreon

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Ayreon fans the world round have been waiting in anticipation for the newly released album and any and all hints about what it will be like ever since Arjen Lucassen announced the new album a few weeks back. First featuring a guessing game as to who the vocalists on the new album would be, then releasing a tantalizing trailer, at last we have been graced with not one but two singles! As such, both are featured in today’s Single of the Day.

The first of these is the album’s primary ballad, “Hopelessly Slipping Away,” a tragic song that dives deep into the emotions of people who have been separated by death. The chilling mixture of vocals between Tommy Karevik [Kamelot, Seventh Wonder] and Cammie Gilbert [Oceans of Slumber] create exactly what the song’s title suggests – that their characters are losing hope as they lose their grasp on one another.

On a completely opposite note, “Get Out! Now!” is a punchy and hard-hitting heavy metal anthem, ironically about kicking someone out of their house. This is the only track on Transitus to feature classic hard rock/heavy metal legend Dee Snider, backed up by Marcella Bovio and Caroline Westendorp, and featuring a guitar solo by none other than Joe Satriani. There’s something deliciously campy about the visual created by this song – a patriarch kicking his son out for disobeying the house rules, backed up by the servants and sung by the vocalist who once told us all that “we’re not gonna take it”… it’s utterly fabulous in all of its irony. Just beware that this earworm doesn’t get stuck in your head until the album comes out.

Transitus is set for release on September 25th, 2020, via Mascot Label Group.