SINGLE OF THE DAY – “The Conqueror” by Metal de Facto

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Have you been waiting for someone to make power metal great again? As the genre evolves, it spreads in new directions and oftentimes the classic elements are forgotten. Fortunately, we have a promise from the up-and-coming new band, Metal de Facto, to do just that!

As much as we hate the phrase “supergroup,” it’s hard to call this band anything but, considering it is made up of Mikael Salo (Everfrost, Thy Row, etc.), Sami Hinkka (Ensiferum), Mikko Salovaara (ex-Kiuas), Esa Orjatsalo, Benji Connelly (Everfrost), and Atte Marttinen.

The real question is, does this song make power metal great again? Well, that depends on what you think made power metal great back in the day. Incredible wails, strong powerful vocals, dual guitar shredding and solos, a strong uplifting rhythm section, and a concept about the Roman Empire certainly feels like a step in the right direction! It might be too early to say after only one song if they’ve succeeded in their goal, but this track is definitely pretty great, combining classic power metal elements, reminiscent of classics like Blind Guardian, while combining more modern elements like the synth sound. We are very excited to hear what else these guys have to offer, both with the album itself and their upcoming live shows!

Stay tuned for more upcoming singles, as well as their first full release from Rockshots Records next month, as well as their debut live show next year!