SINGLE OF THE DAY: “The Damage (live)” by Oceanhoarse

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If there’s one thing I’m known for enjoying, it might be when people question the way things are done and/or find their own way of doing things… and what band has done this straight from their inception in the way that no other band has? Oceanhoarse.

The first of their wild ideas was to host a festival before they even had an album released; it was a risky move but turned out to be one of the best events of the end of 2019. Now their latest idea has resulted from the COVID-19 outbreak following their recent tour with Marko Hietala. If studios are closing, why not use the material they recorded on that tour? Yes, that’s right, Oceanhoarse’s debut album will be a live album. How cool is that?

The Damage (live)” is the first release from this recording. Breaking down the song itself, it’s got quite a variety of sounds coming from vocalist Joonas Kosonen, some really cool guitar parts by Ben Varon, creative and enthusiastic rhythms from bassist Jyri Helko and drummer Oskari Niemi, as well as all of the flare and style and passion you would expect from this live-oriented heavy metal group. Fuck your backing tracks indeed, as not only does the mix and master sound incredible, but it also goes to show that Oceanhoarse really are at their best live. The artfully added cheers from the crowd are not overdone and the song proves to overall be a great addition to their repertoire.

The debut, entitled The Damage is Done – Live! is set for release on June 5th, 2020, and will include material from the band’s EP, Voluntary Bends, as well as all-new material, including additional solos. You can read our first interview with the band HERE.