SINGLE OF THE DAY: “We are One” by Crimson Sun

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If you’re looking for a strong contender in the melodic metal scene, or if you just love strong female vocalists, Crimson Sun has hopefully caught your notice by now. Their debut, Towards the Light, was released in 2015 and received very positive reviews, leading us to wonder when we’ll hear from them again.

The band is made up of Sini Seppälä on vocals, whom I personally first knew as one of the vocal students of Sara Strömmer (Fear of Domination); the music is then done by Jukka Jauhiainen (bass), Joni Junnila (guitar), Miikka Hujanen (keyboards), and Antti Rantavuo (drums).

Opening with some really strong and catchy synths and strong vocals by Seppälä, the song keeps an upbeat and energetic pace. The electronic sound in this song is stronger than it has been in the past, and the vocals lean towards the poppy side, especially in the somewhat cheesy uplifting chorus, but nevertheless, this still manages to sound considerably more mature than the material many other pop metal bands are putting out these days. On top of that, the positive “believe in yourself” message is nicely executed and this song could easily find its way onto any playlist for empowerment anthems, or even just songs to get you in a better mood (especially if you’re feeling down).

Stay tuned for their upcoming album, due to be released next year! And for those interested in hearing more about the band, here’s some of our material from Crimson Sun from the past:
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