SINGLE OF THE DAY: “Winterider” by Everfrost

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Do you love power metal? Do you wish someone would bring great power metal back, or better yet, symphonic power metal, the more melodic the better? Well, as the best of the best like Sonata Arctica get a little older and lose their youthful energy, it’s time for the new generation to do just that, and bands like Arion have proven to be just what the doctor’s ordered. Thank goodness that we can now add another name to that list: Everfrost!

Everfrost is made up of Australian-born Finnish keyboardist/songwriter Benji Connelly, alongside Mikael Salo, guitarist Markus Laito, bassist Allan C. Hasanen, and drummer Jope “James” Salminen.

This song is immediately pumped full of energy and power metal goodness. The lively keyboards coupled with Salo’s powerful voice, fantastic guitars, and a strong and heavy rhythm section result in nothing less than a masterpiece just begging to open an album, as well as their live shows. These are the songs that in 20 years, we’ll all be whining about why Everfrost got so old and lame. These are the songs that still have the power to get a person hyped up over heavy metal. These are the songs that might bring a new generation of fans back into metal.

The album of the same name will be released on September 6th, 2019, so keep your eyes and ears peeled for something truly excellent. And if there’s anything you need to know about Everfrost, you can check below:

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