SONG OF THE DAY: “Shrouded in Bloody Tales” by Trollhorn

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Finntroll fans have been waiting for 7 long years to hear anything new and have finally announced the release of their upcoming seventh studio album, Vredesvävd. Though the band may have taken quite some time putting this piece together, songwriter and instrumentalist Henri Sorvali (aka Trollhorn) has still been doing a bit of this and that, including this unusual piece that was never officially released, entitled “Shrouded in Bloody Tales.”

This unusual track emphasizes Trollhorn‘s love of movie scores/soundtracks. Imagine that Blodsvept (2013) was the soundtrack for a movie. If that’s the case, “Shrouded in Bloody Tales” is the final track that plays during the credits, summarizing the imaginary Blodsvept movie score into one fantastic score medley with all of the best parts of the music from the album stylized superbly into this 6-minute work of art that easily stands next to the title track from Nightwish’s Imaginaerum (a song done in a similar fashion) in style and quality.

Vredesvävd will be released on August 14th, 2020, via Century Media Records. The first single, “Ormfolk,” is available now.

Finntroll, Nosturi 2019