SONG OF THE DAY: “Wither” by Dream Theater

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Dream Theater has been around for what feels like forever these days, releasing a steady stream of progressive metal to fans the world round. Their 2009 release, Black Clouds and Silver Linings, was particularly well acclaimed and the song of the day today is the slow and soothing “Wither.”

At first glance, “Wither” is just another – albeit beautiful – song about relationships and the struggle therein, though lyricist John Petrucci has come out and claimed a different source: this track is about the process in which he writes music. Anyone who writes is surely familiar with writer’s block and this song does a magnificent job of portraying the feelings it creates. Musically, the song holds up the feeling by being melodic and passionate – you can feel the artist’s frustration as well as the emotional rise by the end – “Like reflections on the page, the world’s what you create.”

Dream Theater’s current Distance Over Time – Celebrating 20 Years of Scenes from a Memory Tour is postponed due to the COVID-19 outbreak but the band has promised to update the touring schedule as soon as they are able. Stay tuned to their website for more news on rescheduled dates.