The Taylor Davis Collection (2012-2015)

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London 2016, photo by Maria Sawicka

“Who is Taylor Davis?” you might be wondering, looking at the title of this blog. The short answer to that, is that Taylor Davis is a violinist who found a devoted following on YouTube playing covers of movie, anime, and particularly game music. The long answer can be found in her vlogs on her YouTube channel, as she’ll explain it far better than I could.

I discovered Taylor Davis some 4-odd years ago when I came across this video on YouTube during the peak of my Skyrim craze:

I adored this song, played it all the time, and then for some time completely forgot that Taylor Davis existed. A while later, it struck me when hearing this song that I should go and see what else she has been doing in recent years. What I found was a treasure trove of unbelievable violin adaptations of pretty much most of my favorite songs or soundtracks. Seriously, this girl is me, just on an alternate timeline where I liked playing violin more than I did. You might’ve read my review of Score’s gaming music symphony from early 2016, so it should be no surprise that I absolutely love this kind of music, and my history of many years of playing the violin makes me appreciate this particular instrument more than the average person. Not only has Davis played some of my absolute favorite anime themes, she’s played my favorite songs from some of my favorite games, and even some of my favorite songs from movie scores. It was getting weirdly uncanny.

So I wanted to write about her music to share it with you. Unlike Lindsey Stirling, Davis hasn’t broken quite so well into the Nordic market, and I was quite devastated to hear that her shows in Stockholm and Gothenburg were cancelled – I was so excited to be able to go and see her play, but now chances are I won’t be able to get over to another country to see her show. Maria will be able to see her again in Poland, but chances are that I won’t be able to get to one of her shows to write a review for you. So instead, to express my adoration and appreciation of her music, I’m going to write up a few of her albums (everything except the Christmas music, because I loathe Christmas music).

Listen along to some of Davis’ music on Spotify:

And here are the album reviews:

01. Gaming Fantasy – read HERE!

02. Game On: 2 Player Mode – read HERE!

03. Legendary Movie Music – read HERE!

04. Melodies of Hyrule: Music from The Legend of Zelda – read HERE!

05. The Anime and Game Collection – read HERE!

06. Taylor Davis – read HERE!


So that’s it for my collection of Taylor Davis reviews. Keep an eye open for her upcoming album, Odyssey, out on October 28th, 2016. You can have a look at the video for “Wilderness” already! I don’t know about you, but if she has this many great albums already, I’m pretty sure that Odyssey won’t disappoint!

Davis’ upcoming album is now available for preorder on her Pledge campaign page. You can hear the first single here: