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Since Watain is coming to Nosturi in Finland on April 19th, 2019, organized by the same folks as Steelfest, it’d be very remiss of Musicalypse to miss their show.

Let’s start with obnoxious youth, since they’re pretty much the worst. Known at least since the Assyrian empire – or most likely, from time immemorial – when begrudged, literate elders wrote out their grievances on their handiwork, confirming the wisdom that youth are terrible instigators of chaos and societal collapse, forever and ever.

Obnoxious Youth – however – is a speed metal band which is a Finn-Swede collaboration, putting it at odds in terms of genre with the main performer. The overall attitude of the group is undeniably similar though, so the fit might be much better than the themes and the genre lines indicate. Keeping in line with my “no exposure before a gig” -mindset, speed metal is something I’ve never really gotten into, nor experienced firsthand, so it’ll be an interesting experience to say the least.

Watain, then. Known for their blood-soaked ceremonies on stage, and brutal, relentless aggression in their music, the troupe actually has managed to get cancelled from a performance in Singapore (March, 2019), and back in 2014, made concert-goers in Brooklyn vomit from pig’s blood thrown around during one of their rituals. This – at least – sets them apart from generic performers, as well being the second band with lyrical themes of Anti-Cosmic something or another. This time Luciferianism, as opposed to Anti-Cosmic Satanism. This might seem a small issue to normal people, but the Catholic-Orthodox schism might seem that way to the same people as well. Getting back on topic though, Watain surely does seem to be a very interesting view and a listen, but as a precaution, I’m staying way, way back.

Click HERE for the Facebook event.

Tickets can be bought HERE.