msgid "" msgstr "" "Project-Id-Version: BWP Google XML Sitemaps\n" "Report-Msgid-Bugs-To: \n" "POT-Creation-Date: 2011-09-20 12:59+0700\n" "PO-Revision-Date: 2011-09-20 12:59+0700\n" "Last-Translator: \n" "Language-Team: \n" "MIME-Version: 1.0\n" "Content-Type: text/plain; charset=UTF-8\n" "Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit\n" "X-Poedit-KeywordsList: _;gettext;gettext_noop;__;_e\n" "X-Poedit-Basepath: .\n" "X-Poedit-SourceCharset: utf-8\n" "X-Poedit-SearchPath-0: .\n" #: includes/class-bwp-framework.php:172 #, php-format msgid "%s requires WordPress %s or higher and PHP %s or higher. The plugin will not function until you update your software. Please deactivate this plugin." msgstr "" #: includes/class-bwp-framework.php:183 msgid "Development Log" msgstr "" #: includes/class-bwp-framework.php:183 msgid "Frequently Asked Questions" msgstr "" #: includes/class-bwp-framework.php:183 msgid "FAQ" msgstr "" #: includes/class-bwp-framework.php:183 msgid "Got a problem? Send me a feedback!" msgstr "" #: includes/class-bwp-framework.php:183 msgid "Contact" msgstr "" #: includes/class-bwp-framework.php:190 msgid "You can buy me some special coffees if you appreciate my work, thank you!" msgstr "" #: includes/class-bwp-framework.php:204 msgid "Donate to " msgstr "" #: includes/class-bwp-framework.php:206 msgid "One cup $5.00" msgstr "" #: includes/class-bwp-framework.php:207 msgid "Two cups $10.00" msgstr "" #: includes/class-bwp-framework.php:208 msgid "Five cups! $25.00" msgstr "" #: includes/class-bwp-framework.php:209 msgid "One LL-cup!!! $50.00" msgstr "" #: includes/class-bwp-framework.php:210 msgid "... or any amount!" msgstr "" #: includes/class-bwp-framework.php:225 msgid "Latest updates from!" msgstr "" #: includes/class-bwp-framework.php:226 msgid "Follow me on Twitter!" msgstr "" #: includes/class-bwp-framework.php:235 #, php-format msgid "You are using version %s!" msgstr "" #: includes/class-bwp-framework.php:372 msgid "Settings" msgstr "" #: includes/class-bwp-gxs-cache.php:34 #, php-format msgid "Cache directory (\"%s\") does not exist or is not writable." msgstr "" #: includes/class-bwp-gxs-cache.php:56 #, php-format msgid "Cache file for module %s is not found and will be built right away." msgstr "" #: includes/class-bwp-gxs-cache.php:108 #: includes/class-bwp-simple-gxs.php:1121 #, php-format msgid "Successfully served a cached version of %s.xml." msgstr "" #: includes/class-bwp-simple-gxs.php:129 #: includes/class-bwp-simple-gxs.php:310 msgid "Sitemap Statistics" msgstr "" #: includes/class-bwp-simple-gxs.php:130 #: includes/class-bwp-simple-gxs.php:311 msgid "Sitemap Generator" msgstr "" #: includes/class-bwp-simple-gxs.php:149 #, php-format msgid "This sitemap was originally generated in %s second(s) (Memory usage: %s) - %s queries - %s URL(s) listed" msgstr "" #: includes/class-bwp-simple-gxs.php:308 msgid "BWP Google XML Sitemaps" msgstr "" #: includes/class-bwp-simple-gxs.php:310 msgid "BWP Google XML Sitemaps Statistics" msgstr "" #: includes/class-bwp-simple-gxs.php:311 msgid "BWP Google XML Sitemaps Generator" msgstr "" #: includes/class-bwp-simple-gxs.php:322 msgid "You do not have sufficient permissions to access this page." msgstr "" #: includes/class-bwp-simple-gxs.php:343 #: includes/class-bwp-simple-gxs.php:587 #: includes/class-bwp-simple-gxs.php:589 msgid "Notice" msgstr "" #: includes/class-bwp-simple-gxs.php:343 msgid "All logs have been cleared successfully!" msgstr "" #: includes/class-bwp-simple-gxs.php:350 msgid "What are Sitemaps?" msgstr "" #: includes/class-bwp-simple-gxs.php:351 msgid "Your sitemaps" msgstr "" #: includes/class-bwp-simple-gxs.php:352 msgid "Submit your sitemaps" msgstr "" #: includes/class-bwp-simple-gxs.php:353 msgid "Pinging search engines" msgstr "" #: includes/class-bwp-simple-gxs.php:354 msgid "Enable pinging functionality?" msgstr "" #: includes/class-bwp-simple-gxs.php:355 msgid "Enable pinging individual SE" msgstr "" #: includes/class-bwp-simple-gxs.php:356 msgid "Sitemap Generator's Log" msgstr "" #: includes/class-bwp-simple-gxs.php:357 msgid "Enable logging?" msgstr "" #: includes/class-bwp-simple-gxs.php:358 msgid "Enable debugging?" msgstr "" #: includes/class-bwp-simple-gxs.php:368 msgid "In its simplest form, a Sitemap is an XML file that lists URLs for a site along with additional metadata about each URL (when it was last updated, how often it usually changes, and how important it is, relative to other URLs in the site) so that search engines can more intelligently crawl the site —" msgstr "" #: includes/class-bwp-simple-gxs.php:368 msgid "This plugin helps you generate both Sitemap Index files as well as normal Sitemap files. A Sitemap Index, as its name suggests, is one kind of sitemaps that allows you to group multiple sitemap files inside it." msgstr "" #: includes/class-bwp-simple-gxs.php:369 msgid "Basic information about all your sitemaps." msgstr "" #: includes/class-bwp-simple-gxs.php:370 msgid "More detailed information about how your sitemaps are generated including notices, errors and success messages." msgstr "" #: includes/class-bwp-simple-gxs.php:371 #, php-format msgid "Submit your sitemapindex to major search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing or Ask." msgstr "" #: includes/class-bwp-simple-gxs.php:372 msgid "Now when you post something new to your blog, you can ping those search engines to tell them your blog just got updated. Pinging could be less effective than you think it is but you should enable such feature anyway." msgstr "" #: includes/class-bwp-simple-gxs.php:377 msgid "Selected SE below will be pinged when you publish new posts." msgstr "" #: includes/class-bwp-simple-gxs.php:378 msgid "No additional load is needed so enabling this is recommended." msgstr "" #: includes/class-bwp-simple-gxs.php:379 msgid "Minor errors will be printed on screen. Also, when debug is on, no caching is used, useful when you develop new modules." msgstr "" #: includes/class-bwp-simple-gxs.php:380 msgid "Google" msgstr "" #: includes/class-bwp-simple-gxs.php:381 #, php-format msgid "Yahoo — important" msgstr "" #: includes/class-bwp-simple-gxs.php:382 msgid "Bing" msgstr "" #: includes/class-bwp-simple-gxs.php:383 msgid "" msgstr "" #: includes/class-bwp-simple-gxs.php:386 #, php-format msgid "After you activate this plugin, all sitemaps should be available right away. The next step is to submit the sitemapindex to major search engines. You only need the sitemapindex and nothing else, those search engines will automatically recognize other included sitemaps. You can read a small How-to if you are interested." msgstr "" #: includes/class-bwp-simple-gxs.php:414 msgid "Output no more than" msgstr "" #: includes/class-bwp-simple-gxs.php:415 msgid "Default change frequency" msgstr "" #: includes/class-bwp-simple-gxs.php:416 msgid "Default priority" msgstr "" #: includes/class-bwp-simple-gxs.php:417 msgid "Minimum priority" msgstr "" #: includes/class-bwp-simple-gxs.php:418 msgid "Use GMT for Last Modified date?" msgstr "" #: includes/class-bwp-simple-gxs.php:419 msgid "Style your sitemaps with an XSLT stylesheet?" msgstr "" #: includes/class-bwp-simple-gxs.php:420 msgid "Custom XSLT stylesheet URL" msgstr "" #: includes/class-bwp-simple-gxs.php:421 msgid "Show build stats in sitemaps?" msgstr "" #: includes/class-bwp-simple-gxs.php:422 msgid "Enable credit?" msgstr "" #: includes/class-bwp-simple-gxs.php:423 msgid "Enable Gzip?" msgstr "" #: includes/class-bwp-simple-gxs.php:424 msgid "Clean unexpected output before sitemap generation?" msgstr "" #: includes/class-bwp-simple-gxs.php:425 msgid "Sitemap Index Options" msgstr "" #: includes/class-bwp-simple-gxs.php:426 msgid "Automatically split post-based sitemaps into smaller sitemaps?" msgstr "" #: includes/class-bwp-simple-gxs.php:427 msgid "Add sitemapindex to individual blog's virtual robots.txt?" msgstr "" #: includes/class-bwp-simple-gxs.php:428 msgid "Add sitemapindex from all blogs within network to primary blog's virtual robots.txt?" msgstr "" #: includes/class-bwp-simple-gxs.php:429 msgid "In sitemapindex, include" msgstr "" #: includes/class-bwp-simple-gxs.php:430 msgid "Exclude following post types:" msgstr "" #: includes/class-bwp-simple-gxs.php:431 msgid "Exclude following taxonomies:" msgstr "" #: includes/class-bwp-simple-gxs.php:432 msgid "Module Options" msgstr "" #: includes/class-bwp-simple-gxs.php:433 msgid "Alternate module directory" msgstr "" #: includes/class-bwp-simple-gxs.php:434 msgid "Get no more than" msgstr "" #: includes/class-bwp-simple-gxs.php:435 msgid "Caching Options" msgstr "" #: includes/class-bwp-simple-gxs.php:436 msgid "Enable caching?" msgstr "" #: includes/class-bwp-simple-gxs.php:437 msgid "Enable auto cache re-generation?" msgstr "" #: includes/class-bwp-simple-gxs.php:438 msgid "Cached sitemaps will last for" msgstr "" #: includes/class-bwp-simple-gxs.php:439 msgid "Cached sitemaps are stored in (auto detected)" msgstr "" #: includes/class-bwp-simple-gxs.php:443 msgid "Cache your sitemaps for better performance." msgstr "" #: includes/class-bwp-simple-gxs.php:444 #, php-format msgid "This plugin uses modules to build sitemap data so it is recommended that you extend this plugin using modules rather than hooks. Some of the settings below only affect modules extending the base module class. Read more about using modules here." msgstr "" #: includes/class-bwp-simple-gxs.php:445 msgid "Here you can change some settings that affect the default Sitemap Index file." msgstr "" #: includes/class-bwp-simple-gxs.php:459 #: includes/class-bwp-simple-gxs.php:465 msgid "second(s)" msgstr "" #: includes/class-bwp-simple-gxs.php:460 #: includes/class-bwp-simple-gxs.php:466 msgid "minute(s)" msgstr "" #: includes/class-bwp-simple-gxs.php:461 #: includes/class-bwp-simple-gxs.php:467 msgid "hour(s)" msgstr "" #: includes/class-bwp-simple-gxs.php:462 #: includes/class-bwp-simple-gxs.php:468 msgid "day(s)" msgstr "" #: includes/class-bwp-simple-gxs.php:475 #: includes/class-bwp-simple-gxs.php:476 #: includes/class-bwp-simple-gxs.php:477 msgid "read more" msgstr "" #: includes/class-bwp-simple-gxs.php:480 msgid "your sitemaps are generated and then cached to reduce unnecessary work." msgstr "" #: includes/class-bwp-simple-gxs.php:481 msgid "when a cached sitemap expires, this plugin will try to generate the cache again. If you disable this, remember to manually flush the cache once in a while." msgstr "" #: includes/class-bwp-simple-gxs.php:481 msgid "Flush the cache" msgstr "" #: includes/class-bwp-simple-gxs.php:482 msgid "tell you useful information such as build time, memory usage, SQL queries, etc." msgstr "" #: includes/class-bwp-simple-gxs.php:483 #, php-format msgid "make your sitemaps ~ 70% smaller. Important: If you see an error after enabling this, it's very likely that you have gzip active on your server already." msgstr "" #: includes/class-bwp-simple-gxs.php:484 msgid "only disable this when sitemaps appear in either blank page or plain text." msgstr "" #: includes/class-bwp-simple-gxs.php:485 #, php-format msgid "If you have like 50 blogs, 50 Sitemap: entries will be added to your primary blog's robots.txt, i.e. %s." msgstr "" #: includes/class-bwp-simple-gxs.php:486 msgid "taxonomy archives' sitemaps, including custom taxonomies." msgstr "" #: includes/class-bwp-simple-gxs.php:488 msgid "date archives' sitemaps." msgstr "" #: includes/class-bwp-simple-gxs.php:489 msgid "external pages' sitemap. This allows you to add links to pages that do not belong to WordPress to the sitemap." msgstr "" #: includes/class-bwp-simple-gxs.php:490 msgid "some copyrighted info is also added to your sitemaps. Thanks!" msgstr "" #: includes/class-bwp-simple-gxs.php:491 msgid "This will load the default style sheet provided by this plugin. You can set a custom style sheet below or filter the bwp_gxs_xslt hook." msgstr "" #: includes/class-bwp-simple-gxs.php:492 #, php-format msgid "If you're on a Multi-site installation with Sub-domain enabled, each site will have its own robots.txt, sites in sub-directory will not. Please read the documentation for more info." msgstr "" #: includes/class-bwp-simple-gxs.php:493 msgid "e.g. post1.xml, post2.xml, etc. And each sitemap will contain" msgstr "" #: includes/class-bwp-simple-gxs.php:494 msgid "If you disable this, make sure you also use date_default_timezone_set to correctly set up a timezone for your application." msgstr "" #: includes/class-bwp-simple-gxs.php:495 msgid "author archives' sitemap." msgstr "" #: includes/class-bwp-simple-gxs.php:496 msgid "site's home URL sitemap. For a multi-site installation of WordPress, this sitemap will list all domains within your network, not just the main blog. This also supports WPMU Domain Mapping plugin." msgstr "" #: includes/class-bwp-simple-gxs.php:499 msgid "item(s) in one sitemap. You can not go over 50,000." msgstr "" #: includes/class-bwp-simple-gxs.php:500 msgid "item(s). Again , you can not go over 50,000." msgstr "" #: includes/class-bwp-simple-gxs.php:501 msgid "Input a full path to the directory where you put your own modules (e.g. /home/mysite/public_html/gxs-modules/), you can also override a built-in module by having a module with the same filename in this directory. A filter is also available if you would like to use PHP instead." msgstr "" #: includes/class-bwp-simple-gxs.php:502 msgid "The cache directory must be writable (i.e. CHMOD to 755 or 777)." msgstr "" #: includes/class-bwp-simple-gxs.php:503 msgid "item(s) in one SQL query. This helps you avoid running too heavy queries." msgstr "" #: includes/class-bwp-simple-gxs.php:506 msgid "expected to be an absolute URL, e.g. You must also have a style sheet for the sitemapindex that can be accessed through the above URL, e.g. my-stylesheet.xsl and my-stylesheetindex.xsl). Please leave blank if you do not wish to use." msgstr "" #: includes/class-bwp-simple-gxs.php:513 #, php-format msgid "Note: If you encounter white page problem, please refer to the FAQ section to know how to change this limit appropriately to make this plugin work. Also note that, for post-based sitemaps, this option will be overridden by the limit you set in the Sitemap Index Options below." msgstr "" #: includes/class-bwp-simple-gxs.php:587 #, php-format msgid "%d cached sitemaps have been flushed successfully!" msgstr "" #: includes/class-bwp-simple-gxs.php:589 msgid "Could not delete any cached sitemaps. Please manually check the cache directory." msgstr "" #: includes/class-bwp-simple-gxs.php:658 msgid "Warning" msgstr "" #: includes/class-bwp-simple-gxs.php:658 msgid "Cache directory does not exist or is not writable. Please read more about directory permission here (Unix)." msgstr "" #: includes/class-bwp-simple-gxs.php:669 msgid "Clear All Logs" msgstr "" #: includes/class-bwp-simple-gxs.php:723 msgid "(Debug is on)" msgstr "" #: includes/class-bwp-simple-gxs.php:736 msgid "BWP Google XML Sitemaps Error: " msgstr "" #: includes/class-bwp-simple-gxs.php:736 msgid "BWP Google XML Sitemaps Error" msgstr "" #: includes/class-bwp-simple-gxs.php:759 #, php-format msgid "Nothing here... yet! Try submitting your sitemapindex first!" msgstr "" #: includes/class-bwp-simple-gxs.php:759 msgid "No log yet!" msgstr "" #: includes/class-bwp-simple-gxs.php:769 #, php-format msgid "%s has been successfully built on %s." msgstr "" #: includes/class-bwp-simple-gxs.php:779 #: includes/class-bwp-simple-gxs.php:796 msgid "M j, Y : H:i:s" msgstr "" #: includes/class-bwp-simple-gxs.php:1089 #, php-format msgid "Requested module (%s) not found or not allowed." msgstr "" #: includes/class-bwp-simple-gxs.php:1148 #: includes/class-bwp-simple-gxs.php:1168 #, php-format msgid "Loaded a custom sub-module file: %s." msgstr "" #: includes/class-bwp-simple-gxs.php:1157 #, php-format msgid "Mapped sub-module file: %s is not available in both default and custom module directory. The plugin will now try loading the requested sub-module instead." msgstr "" #: includes/class-bwp-simple-gxs.php:1176 #, php-format msgid "Sub-module file: %s is not available in both default and custom module directory. The plugin will now try loading the parent module instead." msgstr "" #: includes/class-bwp-simple-gxs.php:1189 #, php-format msgid "Loaded a custom module file: %s." msgstr "" #: includes/class-bwp-simple-gxs.php:1195 #, php-format msgid "Could not load module file: %s in both default and custom module directory. Please recheck if that module file exists." msgstr "" #: includes/class-bwp-simple-gxs.php:1213 #, php-format msgid "There is no class named %s in the module file %s." msgstr "" #: includes/class-bwp-simple-gxs.php:1222 #, php-format msgid "Loaded a custom sitemapindex module file: %s." msgstr "" #: includes/class-bwp-simple-gxs.php:1245 #, php-format msgid "Successfully generated %s.xml using module %s." msgstr "" #: includes/class-bwp-simple-gxs.php:1276 msgid "BWP Google XML Sitemap Message: Unexpected output (most of the time PHP errors) is preventing BWP GXS from showing any sitemap contents. Try disabling WP_DEBUG or this plugin's debug mode, whichever is on. All unexpected outputs should be shown just above this message. If you don't see any, contact me and I might be able to help." msgstr "" #: includes/class-bwp-simple-gxs.php:1382 msgid "Unknown response code from search engines. Ping failed." msgstr "" #: includes/class-bwp-simple-gxs.php:1384 #, php-format msgid "Pinged %s successfully!" msgstr "" #: includes/class-bwp-simple-gxs.php:1389 #, php-format msgid "Error %s from %s" msgstr "" #: includes/class-bwp-simple-gxs.php:1394 #, php-format msgid "Ping limit for today to %s has been reached, sorry!" msgstr "" #: includes/class-bwp-simple-gxs.php:1422 #, php-format msgid "%s.xml does not have any item. The plugin has fired a 404 header to the search engine that requests it. You should check the module that generates that sitemap (%s.php)." msgstr "" #: includes/bwp-option-page/includes/class-bwp-option-page.php:80 msgid "Plugin Configurations" msgstr "" #: includes/bwp-option-page/includes/class-bwp-option-page.php:398 msgid "Save Changes" msgstr ""